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  • Weekly Coffee Market Recap and COT Numbers to 10 May 24

    New York

    Over the course of the week not a dramatic change, up 0.40 c/lb (+0.20 %).  Volume was down in comparison with the previous weeks and the outright volume was down significantly.  Open interest decreased by -4,781 lots (-2.08%) indicating market participants were leaving the market. 


    A short week this week in London with the bank holiday, the market ended the week down $ -101 / MT (-2.85%).  Increased volume on the Tuesday when the market had the biggest move.  Volume was elevated in comparison with the previous week especially for the outright volume.  The open interest hardly changed which is neutral indicating that there were no significant numbers joining or leaving the market. 

    Coffee Commitment of Traders

    New York

    The Managed Money (MM)reduced their net long position by -8,824 lots, their net position now stands at +60,824 lots.  This is a long way off their recent highs and whilst it is still elevated the numbers are withing more normal parameters.  -13 MM traders left the long side of the market and +10 MM traders joined on the short side.

    At the same time the Producer Merchants also reduced their net short, +7,362 lots making their net position -53,955 lots. 


    The Managed Money in London reduced their position significantly, reducing their net long position by -7,156 lots making their net long position +23,849 lots.  This number is well within what we can expect from the MM / what we have seen over the last three years.  It is worth considering that the significant reduction in the long was achieved in a shortened week. -11 MM traders left the long side and +2 traders joined on the short side.

    At the same time the Producer Merchants reduced their net short position + 14,332 lots making their net position -27,055.  This is a small position in comparison with long term averages.  It should be noted that the PM long increased by +4733 lots whilst at the same time the short was reduced by – 9,599 lots. 


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  • Wkly Coffee Market Recap & COT Numbers to 03 May 24

    New York

    A big move in NY and the market was down 23.25 c/lb. on the week (-10.71%).  Given the size of the move it is surprising that the open interest (OI) through to close of business on Thursday was only down -158 lots.  Volume was higher than last week but remains lower in the weeks approaching the May’24 options expiry.  Both the spread and outright volume picked up significantly.


    The moves in London were proportionally larger, the Jul24 contract was down by -610 / MT on the week (-14.70%).  Open Interest declined significantly during the course of the week indicating participants leaving the market -7,159 lots (-8.10 %).  Total volume in the market increased, driven by the outright volume however the spread volume was down on the previous week. 

    Commitment Of Traders

    New York

    The managed money this week reduced their net long by -308 lots. (+365 lots long and +673 lots short) taking their total net position down to 69,648 lots. At the same time -9 trades left on the long side and 4 traders joined on the short side.  Their total net position still remains within the upper limits of historical levels over the last three years.   

    The producer merchants reduced their net short position by 5,179 lots (- 463 lots long and -5,462 lots short) making their net short position -61,317 lots short.  As the PM short was reduced (theoretically the hedge by PM of a physical purchase from origin) it is reasonable to believe that Origin / producers have been slow to respond to this move.

    It is important to remember that since the COT numbers were officially published the market has come off 15.90 c/lb.  At the same time OI only fell by -584 lots.  Given the size of the move and the speed this is surprising as it indicates not many participants are leaving the market. The OI figures for close of business Friday are not yet published.


    The managed money reduced their position by -517 lots (-961 lots long and -444 lots short making their net position + 31,005 lots.  The reduction of this position over the last 4 weeks put them within normal parameters/ levels over the last three years. Net 1 Managed Money trader joined on the long side and -1 left the short side. 

    At the same time the producer merchants reduced their net short position by +1,164 lots (-1,306 lots long and -2,470 lots short) making their net short position -41,387 lots.  Again, the implication being that industry had not responded in size to the move lower as per the COT reporting cut off.

    In comparison with the same time last year both the PM long and short remain well behind where they were last year, it also has to be taken into consideration that last year was already exceptional.

    Again since the COT numbers cut off we have moved $-480 / MT and the open interest through to Thursday declined by -4.692 lots.  At the same time with the exception of Thursday volumes were not especially elevated. 

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  • Brewing for Success: Key Considerations for Installing a Fully Automated Coffee Machine in Your Office

    Bestir, BM100, fully automated coffee machine, coffee machine

    So, you've decided to elevate your office coffee game with a shiny new fully automated coffee machine—nice choice! But before you hit that 'buy now' button, let's brew over some important considerations.

    First things first: cleanliness is key, especially when it comes to parts that are in contact with milk. Make sure these components are not only easy to clean but are cleaned regularly.  The problems associated with off milk range from a sour taste to the risk of food poisoning, and even a small portion of contaminated milk can swiftly taint a fresh batch, affecting the entire supply.

    Next up, let's talk time. Important guests are in the building, and they're craving their morning fix of coffee. You'll want a machine that can whip up delicious brews in a timely manner, ensuring your visitors are well take ncare of and impressed.  Maybe two smaller machines are better than one. 

    Two machines also allows for choice /different offerings.  For example Oat milk offers numerous benefits over dairy milk, including being dairy-free, lactose-free, and suitable for vegans, contributing to its rapid adoption rate in the UK.  One machine can be st up for dairy and one for milk.

    Now, onto maintenance. Trust me, you don't want your designated cleaner-upper spending hours tinkering with complicated machinery. Keep it simple, folks! Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your coffee machine humming like a happy little bean.

    In conclusion, investing in a fully automated coffee machine for your office is a smart move, but it's all about the details. Keep things clean, ensure speedy service for those VIP moments, and make maintenance a breeze. With the right machine and a little TLC, your office will be buzzing with productivity and perfectly brewed coffee in no time. Cheers to that!

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