Single Origin Costa Rica

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Tasting Notes:

Winey, tea like, lemon.


Costa Rica is a small country with a wonderful coffee history. It is not unreasonable to say that initially, the backbone of the country was built on coffee. Today, they have moved on, and it is a sophisticated economy. However, the coffee culture and tradition run through everything, and the affection and love of the wonderful beverage are palpable. The coffee that we have here is processed with Anaerobic fermentation, which requires great skill and management. The fermentation, in this case, has been expertly managed; it is fruity, light, and lively. The coffee will shock, horrify, and delight as it runs across the palate, and not necessarily in that order. It is not for the faint of heart. We think it is one of the most interesting coffees that we have tasted, but perhaps not for the everyday drinker; it is a bit special and unusual. Personal preference: This one you can drink whichever way you like, but be ready to be surprised.