Single Origin Brazil

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Tasting Notes:

Bakers Chocolate, Cashew nut and brown sugar.


The coffee-producing area in Brazil is vast, and Brazil produces more coffee than the next three largest producers combined. They are also today the second-largest consumer of coffee after the USA. Brazilian coffee is a naturally processed coffee, meaning that after the harvest, the cherry is dried prior to the stripping of the fruit. This imparts the coffee with greater body and sweetness. However, this process has to be managed carefully and quality controlled attentively; it's all in the cup, and the lazy and non-attentive will come undone. Due to the size of the country and the sophistication of the internal market, this coffee will be available year-round. The coffee will provide great body and will not challenge the stomach as much with acidity, making it perhaps a great choice after a heavy night. Personal preference: Brazil Single origin in a flat white, after a great evening of overindulgence.