May 03, 2024

Brewing for Success: Key Considerations for Installing a Fully Automated Coffee Machine in Your Office

By Oliver Broster
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So, you've decided to elevate your office coffee game with a shiny new fully automated coffee machine—nice choice! But before you hit that 'buy now' button, let's brew over some important considerations.

First things first: cleanliness is key, especially when it comes to parts that are in contact with milk. Make sure these components are not only easy to clean but are cleaned regularly.  The problems associated with off milk range from a sour taste to the risk of food poisoning, and even a small portion of contaminated milk can swiftly taint a fresh batch, affecting the entire supply.

Next up, let's talk time. Important guests are in the building, and they're craving their morning fix of coffee. You'll want a machine that can whip up delicious brews in a timely manner, ensuring your visitors are well take ncare of and impressed.  Maybe two smaller machines are better than one. 

Two machines also allows for choice /different offerings.  For example Oat milk offers numerous benefits over dairy milk, including being dairy-free, lactose-free, and suitable for vegans, contributing to its rapid adoption rate in the UK.  One machine can be st up for dairy and one for milk.

Now, onto maintenance. Trust me, you don't want your designated cleaner-upper spending hours tinkering with complicated machinery. Keep it simple, folks! Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your coffee machine humming like a happy little bean.

In conclusion, investing in a fully automated coffee machine for your office is a smart move, but it's all about the details. Keep things clean, ensure speedy service for those VIP moments, and make maintenance a breeze. With the right machine and a little TLC, your office will be buzzing with productivity and perfectly brewed coffee in no time. Cheers to that!

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  • Weekly Coffee Market Recap and Commitment of Traders Numbers (Wk ending 07/06)

    New York

    Another strong week in New York (the fifth positive week in a row) the market closed + 3.65 c/lb. (+1.65%).  A big day on Fridays as the market moved from 232.50 c/lb to 224.70 c/lb ( -7.80 c/lb.) this was on much higher volume than during the rest of the week.  Open Interest (OI) through to Friday increased + 13,605 lots (+5.53%), it will be interesting to observe the OI numbers for Friday which will be released early in the afternoon (UK time) on Monday.

    The volume increased by 62% in comparison with the previous week.  The major change being the increase in the spread activity during the week.  At the same time the OI in the first position fell from 88,373 lots (31/05) to 78,456 lots (06/06) a decline of 9,917 lots.  This within the context of an increase in the overall OI of 13,605 lots.


    The move in London was stronger than in NY and the market closed up + $ 141 /MT (3.54%).  This was the fourth consecutive week of gains in London.  Open interest was up through to Thursday +4,053 lots confirming increasing participation in the move, and whilst there was a significant sell off on Friday from an open of $4,280 / MT to a close of $4,125 / MT down - $ 155/ MT, the volume was not elevated. 

    Volume was up 20% on the previous week and again the major contributor to this was the spread volume which increased +36.34% in comparison with the previous week. 

    Coffee Comitment of Traders

    New York

    The Managed Money (MM) increased their long position during the week by +6,207 lots (+4,635 lots long and – 1,572 lots short) making them net long +63,220 lots long.  8 MM traders joined on the long side and 2 MM traders joined on the short side.  Earlier this year we reached a high of net long +72,818 lots on the 16/04, the current reporting number is the 5th highest / ranked since Jan ’22, all higher occurrences occurred in Apr’24.  The implication being that the probability of MM further increasing their long (whilst not implausible) is declining. 

    At the same time the Producer Merchants increased their net short by -4,229 lots (+5,310 lots long and + 9,539 lots short) making the PM Net short -59,702 lots. 

    In comparison with the same period last year:-


    The MM increased their net long position by +3,029 lots (+2,811 lots long and -218 lots short, making them net long +28,625 lots long. 

    The PM increased their net short position selling -2,299 lots (-2,266 lots long and + 33 lots short) making their net position -32,735 lots short.

    In comparison with same period last year:-

    Unlike in New York both the PM Long and short remain behind where they were at the same time last year and the PM Short (hedges of purchases from origin) remains significantly behind.





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